Restaurant Cocina : the interior
Cocina, Brussels

The Cocina, the trendy Italian restaurant in Châtelain, has celebrated its third birthday. Better late than never, I finally tried out this restaurant for you. Verdict… is it worth it?

Photos by Robin Ceccarini.

If you don’t know the Cocina yet, it is a traditional Italian restaurant. Their concept? They serve dishes that recall the true Italian flavours, all with fresh products. This freshness of the products implies a menu that changes every day, according to the arrival of ingredients and the seasons. Each time you go to the restaurant, you discover new suggestions and live a new experience. There are two different addresses: the Cocina in Châtelain and the Cocina in Flagey. The first is known for its pasta, the second for its pizzas. I went to the one in Châtelain.

When I arrived, I fell in love with the setting. The restaurant is over two floors, which offers an impression of space and openness. In the day, the place is very light.

For the occasion, we had two starters and two main courses. I have to warn you: the portions are generous at the Cocina. I couldn’t finish my meal because the appetizers had already filled me up.

The delicious Vitello Tonnato from the Cocina, Brussels
Vitello Tonnato, Cocina, Brussels

As a starter, we took a Vitello Tonnato and mozzarella di Bufala. I really have to insist on the taste of the products: it was a delight! The ingredients were fresh and the mozzarella was to die for! Next time, I will have the Burrata. From what I’ve heard, it is delicious.

For the dish, Robin had pasta gratin with scamorza and eggplant and I had Vongole spaghetti. When I tell you that the portions are generous, I’m not exaggerating. The dishes are gourmet, delicious and there is more than enough to satisfy your hunger. All what makes me happy!

pasta gratin with scamorza and eggplant
pasta gratin with scamorza and eggplant, Cocina, Brussels

When it came to choosing a dessert, it was the big dilemma. I was dying to taste their tiramisu but I had no more room in my stomach. I ordered it as a take-out and it was so good! If you have the opportunity, save some room for dessert, they’re worth it!

En ce qui concerne le service, c’était très rapide et le personnel était très souriant. Le chef,

As far as service is concerned, it was very fast and the staff was very smiling. The chef, Antonio, had a little chat with us. We felt his love for cooking in his words. However, I would like to point out that we were there during the lunch service, so it was quiet. If you go there in the evening, avoid booking at 8pm during a rush. As the food is made on the spot, if all the tables are taken, the kitchen can sometimes take a long time to serve the dishes. But it’s worth waiting for!

Spaghettis Vongole - Cocina

If you like Italian cuisine, you may also like the Bistro Nazionale, the third largest in the Cocina group. A restaurant that I have already tested for you. I share my experience with you right here.

If you have already tried out the Cocina, I would be curious to know what you think about it in the comments!

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